Watching and waiting . . .

FullSizeRender.jpgIt’s a weird time to be alive. Regardless of your politics watching the events of the last couple of weeks has been fascinating, disheartening, confusing and even pathetically sad. The marches, protests and overall anger displayed from people both privately and publicly has caused me to retreat back into my shell. I thought secretly that with the change in administration I might be able to once again have an opinion I could voice or express. For eight years I stewed in virtual silence while the country slid away from so many things I believe in. But alas, it is not to be.

I am silenced once again. My opinion is not important. The generations coming behind are asserting themselves in a way they were prepared for by society in general.  When I was a little boy the preaching about the last days was fiery, scary and passionate. Among other things, we were taught that there would come a day when Christians would be persecuted in America. Of course they are persecuted around the world on a daily basis but it is coming I believe and most surprising of all it is going to come from the people who claim to be the most tolerant. As I watch and listen to people around me and even some friends aligning themselves in what feels like very odd ways to me I feel the isolation coming on.

Don’t worry, I will be quiet. Very quiet. I will watch and I will wait. I will give myself to the word of God and not the cynical voices spewing hate in the name of justice, fairness, and tolerance. I will back away and distant myself from some people, and that is heartbreaking to me but I can’t stand the censure especially in light of the fact that I am keeping my mouth shut. Too many times in the last few weeks I have felt the judgment and wrath of people I want to love and be close to. I’m not anti anyone but I believe it is really stupid to not take measures to protect our homeland from evil people who want to do us harm. Is everyone evil? Don’t be ridiculous. Does that mean not letting anyone come here? NO ONE is saying that except the media and late night television “comedians” that provide the only news some people ever hear. Go ahead and do your thing . . . I’m out. Oh and by the way . . . don’t lock the doors on your house this evening because someone may need to come in and steal from you or hurt you and you wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.  Does everyone want to steal from you and hurt you? Of course not but we still lock our doors preemptively because of a few and when someone knocks on our door we asses if they should come in or not. We/you, yes even you vet them. Don’t let this keep you up tonight feeling guilty. It’s okay and smart. Okay I’m making way too much sense.  Putting the tape back across my mouth.


3 thoughts on “Watching and waiting . . .

  1. Agreed, my friend. And I just saw the Facebook post on my wall today with the video clip of President Bill Clinton giving the exact same speech in front of congress and getting a standing ovation for it. Now Trump says the same things and he is called a bigot and racist.


  2. I’ve been feeling the same way! You hit it right on the nail. I was so excited for the change in administration, but I guess others weren’t. So, we keep our mouths shut again and wait for the hatred and confusion to end. Never dreamed it would be this way in America. I have a heavy heart!!


  3. In my opinion, it is not the time to crawl back into our shells and let what is prophesied to happen without our input. Our input is to continue to be the light and salt to the lost and dying world, now more than ever. I too grew up in the last day preaching Wesleyan and Nazarene churches, now you can see at least one of these denominations sliding toward the prophesied one word religion way of thinking and teaching. But, that just means that we must find it within our selves to be in the Word, believing it from cover to cover, living it and sharing it liked never before.


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