Presidential thoughts . . .

For the last eight years I tried really hard to keep my mouth shut. What people are expressing in the form of panic, mistrust and despair I felt for two years short of a decade. While I will not go into my reasons for feeling that regarding our current President, for the most part I kept my mouth shut and my feelings to myself. In one case, I challenged a staff member that voted for him twice because it was just beyond my comprehension. Besides that I kept it to myself. There were times in the last few years that I wished the world would have stopped so that I could get off. I literally would have welcomed death as crazy as that sounds to be free from what was happening to this Country.

Now I watch people on the other side grieve, protest and express themselves in rude and self-centered ways and it is a bit confusing to me. This whole election has been confusing to me. I have watched evangelical leaders and even conservative fundamentalist align themselves with the President elect. I have watched others in the more evangelical world run fast the other direction.

I guess I am made to wonder why there is so much concern on the left for the results of this election. Donald Trump is not a conservative morally. He is not from the religious right. He is very open minded on social issues. In fact, he may be the most liberal person in many ways that we have ever elected. To be sure he is the most openly open minded President we have ever had. The stuff he said is nothing that doesn’t get said in movies everyday. It is repeated in pop music as a constant theme. I am not condoning it or excusing it but that language is everywhere in the real world sorry to say. It is part of the liberal culture yet there is great concern and repulsion to his election. So I hear that he is hateful of others but there is nothing in his past to indicate that this is truth. He said some things in the heat of the political arena that were bizarre but if you study and do your homework you, as a liberal, should be very happy with this choice.

I am going to wait and see. Not panicked one way or the other. I like that fact that major companies are changing their minds and keeping jobs here. (Ford)  I like the fact that the stock market is strong and I have a feeling that foreign leaders are going to want to be on their best behavior in the near future. It has never made sense to me why we continually give money away we don’t have as a Country or try to negotiate with hostiles like the untruthful leaders in the Iranian leadership as well as other similar countries that don’t hide their hatred for America. We are broke and we are in debt beyond most of our comprehension and yet we just keep on spending and giving money away.

I guess  we will see what we shall see. I am grateful for the relief I feel although I am not a big fan of Mr. Trump and I know others felt something totally different. I like that fact that the Republicans were outfoxed and outmaneuvered after the lame and pathetic candidates they have put up in the past few years.

obama-and-trump-meetSo to those of you who are ready to move anywhere but here or give up on your future . . . I get that. I have felt it for the last eight years. I wouldn’t panic . . . I think this guy is probably more like you apparently want Presidents’ to be then you may be aware. I think the current President knows it and so does the democratic candidate. Give me a break he even supported her in the past. Oh well. . . this is nothing profound but just some scattered thoughts about this election. For the record, I will always be baffled at the out spoken way church leaders supported D.T.  I certainly get not supporting the other choice but that’s a whole other blog that will never be written.


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