Untethered . . .


first_untethered_space_walk_02I am untethered from the safety of the four walls.

I am untethered from the fellowship of the smug and self-righteous.

I am untethered from the grip of the unforgiving.

I am untethered from those who sing and teach about grace but give none.

I am untethered from the notion that I am doing anything to earn God’s grace.

I am untethered from the idea of Christian entitlement.

I am untethered from the judgment of the uninformed.

I am untethered . . .but I am tethered:

I am tethered to God

I am tethered to the cross of Christ

I am tethered to His Spirit.

I am tethered to the notion that I should love God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength

I am tethered to the idea that I should love my neighbors as I love myself

I am tethered to the saving grace that’s all over me.

I am tethered to God’s word.

I am tethered to God’s love, grace, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness

— Wes Humble, 09/03/16




2 thoughts on “Untethered . . .

  1. Wes… thanks for your posts. They have been very helpful to me. I am compelled to respond this “tethered” comment. I remember an older preacher that is someone whose name everyone on the post would recognize… we were at a district board meeting talking about getting new people into the church. That is not of itself a bad discussion. However, his next comment always haunted me. He said when someone new comes into the church we have to find ways to get them …”TIED IN”
    That analogy placed all kinds of sinister thoughts in my already fractured mind.
    Let’s do the work of God and tie people into our idea of ministry… Think about this for a moment… Sunday School…Morning worship…Sunday evening Family night (That’s a good one) Mid-Week Bible study… Men’s Prayer breakfast, Women’s prayer breakfast. Youth night… Community outreach day… volunteering for the food pantry… REALLY! Before you know it you are TETHERED into helping the pastor or staff achieve their next district board position. All the while our entire week is consumed in doing the “work of ministry” so much we can’t even go our kid’s ball game. I promise I will BREAK the Tethers…
    This is not what God had planned when He called us to follow Him.

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