I have to write . . .

I don’t know how often I will post but I have to write. It is a strange land that I am journeying through and while it feels exceptionally and surprisingly lonely I have the distinct feeling or notion that God knows exactly where I am and that He is not surprised, shook up or shocked. I certainly have not run from Him or tried to hide from Him.

I am compelled to write from the other side of grace because I have never experienced this life before. Failure is not final said Winston Churchill and I want to believe those words. “From the other side of grace,”  is a look from outside the world of the church or the community of faith. It is strange and odd to view God from this place. Sometimes the view is blocked or threatened to be obscured by those who bear His name but He invariably finds ways to shine through. People are flawed. We are imperfect and while we should strive to bear God’s likeness we should never come to believe that we are doing that great of a job being His representatives.

And so it begins. All other blogs I have written in the past have been reduced to paper,, deleted from the internet and filed away. This is new. I am new. I am seeking. I am searching. I am listening. From this place where I am today and wherever I am tomorrow I will try to articulate my journey. You don’t have to read it but I have to write it. And so from the bottom, from a place “outside the gate,” I will try my best to document the presence of God that I have found even in this place.


One thought on “I have to write . . .

  1. Wes,
    No one is perfect. We all fail. We all let people down. The truth is to be forgiven we have to seek forgiveness and take responsibility for our own actions. God loves us, even when we fail. Seek Him.


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